Unity: The prototype so far

If you’ve been following my articles, you’ll know we now have a simple working prototype for a 2D shooter style of game. Here’s a little rundown of the game so far before we add some art.

First off, our assets are simple; cubes and capsules. That’s all it needs, there’s no need to get fancy just yet. For clarity, the player is bigger, and a different colour from the enemies.

‘Under the hood’ we have a few things going on though. We have our Enemy and Laser prefabs, along with materials. We also have scripts to control the Player, Laser, and Enemy behaviours as well as the SpawnManager script.

We now have a container for our enemies as they spawn, to keep that hierarchy nice and tidy.

Finally, I’ve now added to the SpawnManager script to stop spawning when the player dies.

Next I’ll be moving on to making this look much better. Cubes are all well and good, but it’s better to have some artwork!

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