Unity: Instantiating and destroying gameobjects

Before I write the code for instantiating an object, I need to create a prefab of the object.

In this example I have created and resized a capsule, renamed it ‘Laser’ and then dragged it to my Prefabs folder in the Project pane.

First I’ll add a serialized gameobject to the player script I created in an earlier article. This will allow us to assign the prefab to be instantiated.

Now that we have a laser, let’s get the code in place to instantiate it. I want to create a new laser every time the space is pressed down.

Every time the space bar is pressed, Instantiate() is called. It uses our assigned prefab and creates or instantiates it, at the position of the object the script is attached to, in this case, our player.

The result is that we now create a laser at the position of the player whenever we press the space bar.

Next I create a new script in Unity called Laser and attach that to the Laser prefab.

I’ve added a simple translate to the laser script so that once created, the laser will move up at the rate of the _laserSpeed/per second.

Now the lasers travel up from the player when instantiated.

Currently these lasers will continue to exist until the game is stopped. Let’s destroy the lasers when they leave the screen.

I’ve added an if statement to update that checks if the laser is at or above 8 on the y axis, and, if so it calls Destroy(). I’ve explicitly defined it as this.gameObject in order to avoid any potential future issues with destroying game objects.

Now you can see that the lasers are automatically removed when the move off screen.




Software developer in the field of Unity and C#. Passionate about creating and always driven to develop.

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Ian Plumpton

Ian Plumpton

Software developer in the field of Unity and C#. Passionate about creating and always driven to develop.

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