Unity: Build and test your game

You’ve been creating your masterpiece in Unity and testing it as you go, but now it’s time to do a full build and test it as a standalone. Here’s how.

Ian Plumpton
2 min readJul 4, 2021

Once we’ve saved everything, we can go to File > Build Settings. In here we want to make sure that we have our Main Menu set to scene 0 and our Game, or first level at least, set to scene 1.

We click on Player Settings and under ‘Player’ change the resolution and screen mode settings to be suitable for our test. We need to remember we have no built-in way to quit the game yet so it’s best to run Windowed.

Once we are happy with our build settings, we can click ‘Build’. Choose a suitable location for the build and it will begin automatically. For those using version control via Github etc, I would separate your build from the working directory to avoid issues with large file storage etc.

When the build is complete we will be presented with the files. Simply double-click the .exe to start the game.

Make sure you test all of the features you have implemented so far and that they work as expected!

In the next article we will go over sharing your game on the web for others to see.



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